.After Graduating from Texas A&M with Bachelor in Science College of Architecture in 1975, Gene began a career in the commercial construction industry as an estimator with one of the largest firms in Waco, Texas.  Later he moved into commercial sales with a Temple family owned supply company, and later became equipment manager for a state wide construction firm also in Temple.  Here he gained many valuable and various experiences.  These helped to advance his abilities as field supervisor, then as estimator and eventually as head estimator for another company.
As a head estimator, his responsibilities include project bid selections, bed assembly, project acquisitions, subcontractor and supplier selection, purchase order and contract administration, project management, and close out documentation.  While under the watchful eye of the company's owner, he was able to gain the trust and respect of the bonding community so much that at the age of 29 he was able to realize the dream of opening his own company.
Gene believes that all projects demand full attention to detail and coordination with all of the trades.  He recognizes there is a balance necessary between the needs of the owner, the architectural details, and the implementation of real work solutions. In his experience it seems every project has at least one large obstacle that garners the most attention.  This obstacle is usually the one that all other problem solutions depend.  Gene has been recognized as an excellent problem solver.  This trait has been cultivated throughout his business career and is culmination of ten years as an employee in several facets of the industry, his degree in building construction and mostly from his father who was an independent farmer/rancher who taught him to be sufficient and resourceful.

  • Gene Doss